Portable, User-Friendly X-Ray

Summary: One of the greatest challenges facing resource-limited settings is the lack of appropriate diagnostic tools.  Infections can go unnoticed or even misdiagnosed without the right technology.  Pneumonia and tuberculosis are two high-profile diseases in developing countries – pneumonia accounts for more deaths of children under five each year than AIDS, malaria and measles combined, while tuberculosis was responsible for an estimated nearly 2 million deaths in 2008 alone.  Clinical observations alone are often not sensitive or specific enough to accurately and reliably diagnose acute respiratory infections.  X-rays allow health care professionals to obtain a definitive diagnosis and begin treatment schedules as soon as possible.  However, x-ray technology is largely unavailable in rural health care facilities.


Design an x-ray system that is

  • portable,
  • durable,
  • compatible with both adult and pediatric patients,
  • and intuitive to use.

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