Project: Quantitative analysis for evaluating mechanical ventilator parameters

19 05 2010

Summary: Intensive care units at major hospitals in Zambia depend on properly functioning ventilators. These units serve patients in critical conditions and proper functioning of mechanical ventilators in essential in saving countless lives. Currently, in major hospitals in Zambia, the ventilators have poor performance with little information on why they fail or break down. The current project will analyze the performance of mechanical ventilators and quantify the failure of various mechanical components through experimental testing and computational studies. It would also focus on calibration of the equipment in ensuring that the machine outputs match the display values. Another component of the project would focus on a robust design for water (or fluid) system for providing Positive End Expiratory Pressure (or PEEP) valve. This is critical since at the moment there are no automatic PEEP valves anywhere at UTH in Lusaka. This would allow the critical care physicians and nurses to implement this technology in ICUs and save countless lives.


To quantitatively analyze fatigue and failure of mechanical components in ICU ventilators.

To design automatic Positive End Expiratory Pressure Valve.

Student Tasks:

To carry out literature review on mechanical analysis of ICU valves.

To study redesign and material properties necessary for improved ICU valves.

To study the structure and function of PEEP valves.

To design an automatic PEEP valve system.

To implement the automatic PEEP valve in ICUs at UTH in Lusaka.




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